Epic Label Black T-Shirt of Mystery with Puff Ink


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You slide through the door at your local game store, heads turn your way to take in the newcomer. "Who is this stranger?" they wonder, a perfect mix of Mystery and Charisma clad all in black.

This Crowdfunding project is for a LIMITED EDITION version of our popular "Black T-Shirt of Mystery" shirt.

For a while now people have asked us to do a version with Black ink on a Black shirt; and we've finally decided to do one!  To take the mystery up a notch we're screen printing this limited edition shirt in-house using PUFF INK to give it a raised effect across the shirt. Pictures hardly do it justice!

We're excited to launch our first internal Crowdfunding campaign with this shirt. We'll print a limited number of these for backers of this project; made to order in your size and style of shirt.

I've included a couple of sample images showing white puff ink on a blue shirt to give you a better idea of how the raised effect looks.

Orders for this limited edition shirt will be taken and processed now, and all of the shirts will ship at the end of the campaign. 

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