FLGS Monthly T-Shirt Restock Subscription

Number of Shirts::

We'll handle stocking our best selling and new release shirts in your store each month. Just pick how many you want for your store, and we'll automatically send out a curated selection in the most popular sizes.

4 shirts:  2 Large, 2 XL
6 shirts:  1 Medium, 2 Large, 2 XL, 1 2XL
8 shirts:  1 Medium, 3 Large, 3 XL, 1 2XL
10 shirts: 2 Medium, 3 Large, 3 XL, 2 2XL
12 shirts: 2 Medium, 4 Large, 4 XL, 2 2XL

Your subscription can be easily managed, allowing you to increase or decrease the number of shirts you want each month, pause, skip a month or cancel as needed. 

The goal here is to keep a great selection of popular shirts coming in to replace the ones you have sold with minimal effort.  We'll curate and send our most popular designs, and let you focus on selling great products to you customers.
**Prices below are MSRP, retailers will receive 45% off the listed price.

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