FLGS Starter Set -24 Shirts

FLGS Starter Set -24 Shirts


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We've curated an easy way to start carrying shirts in your store.

This starter set comes with 24 great selling shirts in an assortment of popular sizes and colors.

We find that this is enough stock to allow for impulse purchasing in-store, while also facilitating an easy special order process as you point customer to our larger collection of shirts in the catalogs.

You get eight different designs in three sizes each: one each of Large, XL and 2XL in assorted colors.

Worlds Okayest DM
Nope d20
Keep Calm and Listen, check for traps...
Flaming d20
Shirt +1 ~Protection from Nakedness
Nerd Life
When all else fails, Bribe the DM
Never enough Dice

Each set also come with:
A full Special Order catalog of all our desings
Counter-top flip display featuring popular desings
Master SKU list for you POS
Special order pad
Garment rack (Waterfall or Hanging Bar, for Slat or Grid wall)

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