FLGS Best Sellers Starter Set #1

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The FLGS Best Sellers Starter Set #1 comes with everything you will need to immediately start selling our shirts in your Friendly Local Game Store.

The FLGS Best Sellers Starter Set #1 includes:
12 shirts and 2 hoodies
Face-out hanging bar for gridwall or slatwall
Full flip catalog (130+ designs) to facilitate custom orders
Counter-top flip display for gaming tables
Sign to promote the Armor Class 10th new release shirt
Custom order tracking forms
Master SKU list for your POS
Shirt hangers 

Shirts (1 of each design in assorted colors):
Nope d20 (Medium)
Chaotic Good ~ Kill Everyone in the Process (Large)
Got Mana? (Large)
Flaming d20 (Large)
Shirt +1 ~ Protection from Nakedness (Large)
Afternoon Person (XL)
Dice Goblin (XL)
Dungins n Dragins (XL)
Keep Calm and Listen, Check for traps... (XL)
Endor National Forrest (XL)
Dungeon Master ~ Godfather Riff (2XL)
I find your Lack of Painted Minis Disturbing (2XL)

Hoodies (1 of each design):
Nope d20 (XL)
Dungeon Master ~ Godfather Riff -(XL)

Our simple, yet effective shirt display with flip catalog includes enough stock to allow for impulse purchasing in-store, while also encouraging custom orders from our full collection. 

Sign up for our monthly shirt restock subscription to effortlessly keep your inventory fresh and customer interest high.

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