FLGS U-Bar Starter Set #1

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The FLGS U-Bar Starter Set #1 comes with everything you will need to start selling our shirts in your Friendly Local Game Store.

The FLGS U-Bar Starter Set #1 includes:
28 shirts,  4 hoodies, 4 PJ Pants and 4 Boxers
U-Shaped bar for gridwall or slatwall
Full flip catalog (130+ designs) to facilitate custom orders
Master SKU list for your POS
Shirt hangers 

Designs included (7 shirts, 1 Hoodie, 1 PJ Pant and 1 Boxer) of each:
Nope d20 - Blue Shirts
Worlds Okayest DM - Navy Blue Shirts
Afternoon Person - Burgundy Shirts
Keep Calm and Listen, Check for traps... - Black Shirts

Each of the four designs will include:
One shirt in size Medium
Two shirts in size Large
Two shirts in size XL
One shirts in size 2XL
One shirt in size 3XL
One Hoodie in size XL (Assorted colors)
One PJ Pant in assorted sizes between LG, XL and 2XL
One pair of Boxers in assorted assorted sizes & colors between LG, XL and 2XL

This setup allows to carry more stock in a few selected designs so your customers will be sure to find the size they want in stock.  As always, we can special order alternative colors or larger sizes.

Our simple, yet effective shirt display with flip catalog includes enough stock to allow for impulse purchasing in-store, while also encouraging custom orders from our full collection. 

This is a great way to start carrying ArmorClass10 shirts in your store.  This product already has the 45% retailer discount applied off the MSRP of $1,208.

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