Intro to Screen Printing Class

$135.00 $85.00

Ever wanted to learn screen printing?  Here's your chance!

Starting you own T-shirt brand?  Want merch for your band, club or organization?  Want to express yourself artistically? Learn the basics of screen printing to get started.

This intro to screen printing class runs from 10am to 2pm and will show you the entire screen printing process from start to finish.  

Learn the complete photo emulsion process where you will coat, expose and wash out screens, prepare the screen for printing, print several single-color items, clean and reclaim the screen. You'll work with our exposure unit, T-shirt presses, flat stock press with vacuum hold down, flash dryer, conveyor dryer, washout booth  and more.

Classes are held at our shop in Woodbridge, VA.  We are a working T-shirt company; not a school.  Our shop is small but functional. Space is limited to four students per class .


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