Frequently Asked Questions

FLGS Retail Partners

In our years of experience we've done it all.  And we are happy to brainstorm with you as to what is best for your store.

In general, we recommend hanging the shirts on our faceout bar or a dedicated shirt rack.  This makes the shirts easy to look through.  Customers can also pull a shirt off the rack and hold it up to see how it looks.  We also recommend letting people try them on if they want.

Hanging shirts are easier to keep looking nice; whereas folded shirts will have to constantly be re-folded as people look through them.  Folded shirts in polybags are almost impossible to try on, and it can be difficult to see the graphic. Very few people want to go through the process of asking if they can open the bag to see the shirt or try it on.  Then, if the customer doesn't want it or if it doesn't fit, it needs to be re-folded and put back in the bag so that it looks nice and the graphic is showing.

Stroll through your local mall and you will see that most clothing stores follow our example.  (Or, to be more correct, I guess we are following theirs!) Exceptions like Spencers have signange showing their graphic tee designs, which take up far more store space than our single faceout.  Our goal is to create maximum value and product density, which we feel our shirt display and flip catalog provides.



Here are some other examples of our Retail Partners displaying our shirts:

This store already had a rolling rack for shirts.  We added our flip catalog to the bar, along with a good supply of best selling shirts.

This store didn't have much space for a faceout, so they decided to utilize wall space above their retail racks and use a garment hook to get shirts down for customers.  While it may not be ideal compared to a faceout that customers can easily browse through; they are using otherwise "dead space" to generate sales.

This customer had a lot of wall space in the back by their gaming tables and wanted us to fill it with shirts.  Each faceout has a single design in multiple sizes and colors. We put in two flip catalogs so that more than one customer could browse at a time.

We know that each store is different.  No matter your store layout, size or footprint we can work with you to find an optimal way to include shirts in your product mix.

We've put a lot of effort into our flip catalog and feel that this is a HUGE selling point for our retail program.

We get it, you aren't a clothing store; you're a game store.  And, like most game stores you probably don't have hundreds of square feet of extra space to display your retail product.  So stocking 130+ t-shirt designs in eight colors and six styles of shirts and hoodies would take up more room (and money!) than you are able to commit.

So we decided that a faceout bar with a curated selection of best selling designs is how you show your customers that you carry t-shirts.  Mounted right to the bar where the shirts are hanging is our flip catalog; so that your in-store customers can see every single design we offer, and lets them know they can get ladies or youth tees as well as hoodies.

The shirts in your store are there to generate impule sales and drive an easy custom order process from the flip catalog.  So when a customer asks if you have a shirt in a different color, or one in a specific size; you or your staff can take the order, and we'll have it shipped out in just a few days so they can come back into your store and pick it up.  

The process of browsing the catalog - picking a design, size, and color - is fun!  Your store staff get to share in the customer's excitement as they design their shirt and then return to pick it up a few days later!

We use Shopify as our back end.  Shopify uses one email address per account, but you can have multiple shipping addresses per account.

There are two options:

  1. One account - You can use one email address with multiple shipping addresses.  This is ideal for stores with one central buyer managing the inventory for multiple locations.
  2. Multiple accounts - You can use multiple email addresses, each with their own shipping address.  This is ideal for stores where each location manages its own inventory and buying.

Whichever you prefer, we can work with you.  Retail partner accounts are tagged on our back end so that they can use the FLGS discount code.  The code will not work until we assign the correct tag on the back end; so whether we assign it to one account or multiple is a simple matter.

We have over a decade of experience selling t-shirts and want to maximize the turnover of shirts sold in your store.  

Size small doesn't sell as quickly as the most popular sizes (Large and XL), so we have chosen not to include it in the starter packs.  If someone wants a small, we can ship one out quickly.  Same goes for the bigger sizes from 3XL to 6XL.  

Shirts on-hand are meant to be impulse purchases and to let your customers know that they can order from our entire catalog of 130+ designs.  We want you to have enough shirts on-hand so customers have something to browse through, which will lead to them looking at our full catalog on the attached flip display.

In some cases they will find a shirt they like on the rack; which is why we put best sellers in the most popular sizes there. In other cases you can be there to take the custom order and ring them up. Our goal is to have in-store purchasing and special orders work in tandem.

Yes!  (Frankly I never understood why most shirt brands stop at 2XL; especially ones aimed at Gamers.)

We carry Unisex tees up to size 6XL.  We go to 5XL in all the colors, and we can get 6XL in Black and Grey.

These shirts do cost us a bit more, which is reflected in the retail price; but we find that our larger sized customers are so happy to find a brand that has their sizes, they tend to stock up! Often when we do shows like GenCon or PAX we'll have a larger size customer come up and say something like "I love your shirts but I bet you don't have them in my size."  Yes, we do!

In hoodies and ladies shirts we carry up to 2XL.  We'd like to go to 3XL but unfortunately most of our shirt makers don't have consistent stock of those sizes in the colors we want.  (If you have a customer that wants 3XL hoodies or ladies shirts, reach out and we can check stock quantities and colors for avaliability.)

With over 130 designs, 7 styles, 9 sizes, and multiple colors; if we SKU'd each possible variant it would add many thousands of SKU's to your POS.

We've opted for simpler approach and will provide SKU's based on the STYLE and SIZE of the garment.  So all of your 2XL shirts will share the same SKU, regardless of the color of the shirt or the design printed on it. Our master SKU sheet will give you SKUs for all of the products we currently carry: Tee's, Ladies Crewneck, Ladies V-neck, youth Tee's, Pullover Hoodies and Zip Hoodies by size.

Because we make our shirts on-demand, we can easily provide whatever design you order on the color of your choice.  We feel this is a good compromise from adding many thousands of SKU's from our vast, growing catalog and the labor it would take to keep up with it.

Each shirt comes with a hang-tag bearing the size information as well as the appropriate SKU barcode.

Yes!  Our goal is for you to sell through your inventory and re-stock as sales happen.  If, for whatever reason, some of the shirts aren't moving we are happy to trade them out for different shirts.

Simply let us know what shirts you want to trade out, send them back to us, and we'll mail out the new shirts.

Shipping charges are a fact of life, unfortunately.  You will be responable for paying to ship shirts back to us, and we will cover the cost of shipping out your replacement shirts.  (Reach out, maybe we'll both be at GenCon, PAX East or the NoVA Open, and we can swap there and save both of us some shipping charges!)

In short, our goal is helping you sell shirts; not to keep slower selling shirts on your rack.  Part of the success of this program is keeping your inventory new and exciting.  If you think it's time to refresh your stock, we will make that happen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shirts with custom store names or logos cannot be exchanged.

We're excited to offer this service to our retail clients! 

We can put a store name or a small logo on the left sleeve for $1.00 per garment.  No setup fees or additional charges.  The logo must be smaller than 4" inches square.

We'll work with you and find an appropriate image; some store logo's made at a large size might not scale down to fit within the smaller print area of a sleeve. The image can be full color.  We recommend a simple white if just using text for the store name, and will work with you on logo art to ensure that it will look good on every color shirt we sell.  (A red logo, for example, would not look great placed on a red or maroon shirt without a border to set it apart from the shirt color.)

Once set up with approved art, simply add the number of sleeve logos equal to the number of garments whan placing an order.  So if you order five shirts, add five sleeve logos to the same order.

We will make this option avaliable for clients who sign up for a re-stock subscription as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Shirts with custom store names or logos are no longer able to be exchanged or returned. 

The short answer: Yes!

We've done plenty of staff and team shirts for people in our industry.  Tees, polos shirts, team bowling shirts, etc.

Want to use ArmorClass10 designs on your staff shirts?  Need your store logo on some tees and hoodies?  Got a team of guys heading to a tournament who need team shirts?

We can be a great resource for staff shirts.  Our made-to-order process can be perfect for small businesses who hire staff periodically.  Unlike traditional screen printers with setup fees and high minimum orders that have you guessing what sizes you might need way in advance; we can make exactly how many you need in the sizes and colors you want without the large upfront cost.

Reach out and we will give you a fair estimate. 

Shipping costs are a fact of life, and unfortunately they don't seem to be getting lower lately.  We've settled on a flat-rate price of $5.99 for shipping all orders within the USA.  We feel this will make calculating your shipping cost easy, and incentivizes combining purchases into a single order. Order one shirt; $5.99 shipping.  Order three shirts and a hoodie; $5.99 shipping. Easy!