The Pitch:  You have a Game Store, and we have a line of high-quality shirts aimed squarely at your customers.  We'd like to put our shirts in your store!

We want to partner with you to offer a unique product without the usual barriers to carrying clothing, like ordering in bulk or being stuck with odd sizes that did not sell.  Our simple set up, custom order, and restock process will keep your inventory fresh and customer interest high.

We make our shirts in-house and on-demand, so we can offer a variety of colors, styles, and sizes from our large catalog of gaming-centric shirts.


Retail Partner Program Highlights

Retail Partner Discount: Friendly Local Game Store Owners who partner with us receive a 45% discount off the MSRP of our shirts and hoodies!

Simple Set Up: We provide everything you need to be immediately successful in selling our shirts in your store: shirts, hoodies, signage, hardware, and our full flip catalog so your customers can shop in-store and see our complete line of shirts and hoodies at a glance.

Easy Custom Order Process: Our flip catalog display is sure to promote custom orders of shirts and hoodies!  The customer gets to pick from one of our 130+ designs, and then choose their style, size, and color.  You purchase the custom order from our website, and the customer picks it up in your store in a few days.  So easy! 

Hassle-Free Exchange Policy: Our goal is for you to sell your inventory.  We will happily swap out any shirts that don't sell for any of our other gaming favorites.

Monthly Check-ins: We will reach out once a month to make sure things are going smoothly, and see if you have any questions or want to adjust any of your inventory.

Effortless Inventory Restock: We offer a monthly shirt restock subscription to assist you in maintaining a full rack of our most popular gaming designs.

Retail Partner Store Logo Program: For a small additional fee, we can put your store name or logo on the sleeve of every shirt we send to your store.


Now Booking Consultations

Our goal is to use our 10+ years experience in the nerdy shirt business to support you in boosting your sales and building community among your customers.

We are currently scheduling 15-minute phone/video/in-person conferences with prospective retail partners. Simply email us at to request an appointment. We would love to speak with you!

Ready to Become an ArmorClass10 Retail Partner?

Step 2: Email us at to let us know you are registered.
Step 3: Watch for a welcome email from This welcome email will include your FLGS Discount Code, as well as access to the retail portion of our website.