Our new shop!

Way back when we started, a bit over six years ago, I was working out of a small studio space located within the Artisan's Asylum.  The Sylum is a huge MakerSpace in Boston that has everything for artists and tinkerer's; wood shop, metal shop, 3D printers, sewing machines, jewelry and electronics shop, bike shop, welding bays, CNC machines and, of course, a full screen printing shop which we took advantage of.

I moved away from Boston a few years back, and was running things out of my home and a storage unit for a while. We then moved in and sub-leased space from Release the Kreative. Growth happened and opportunity knocked and we recently moved from shared space into our very own shop! It's small, but it's all ours.

We're in the process of setting up our screen printing equipment and should be cranking out new shirts in no time!

ArmorClass10 D&D shirt shop

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