Production begins for the Kickstarter shirts!

I got a big order of transfers from my screen printer last night.  I was so excited it was like Christmas!  They look great and I prepped all the transfers and got them sorted so production is ready to begin.  I already have the shirts sorted by size so tonight the printing begins!
Also, I think I am going to implement "New T-Shirt Tuesday" on the website.  Instead of adding a bunch of shirts at once, I will add one or two every Tuesday to keep the flow of new designs going.  From a business standpoint it will hopefully keep our dedicated fans and customers checking back regularly to see whats new.  I will offer a discount on the new shirts for the first week they are on the site, then they will go back to the regular price when another new release replaces it on the front page.
Anyway, I'll be printing shirts tonight and most of the day tomorrow, plus Sunday.  Expect the first shirts to go in the mail early next week!

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