Final 2 Weeks of the Kickstarter!

We are down to just under two weeks left on the Kickstarter and a shade over $1,800 in backers!  I'm hoping for a brief up-tick near then end, which is normal for Kickstarter projects, so I think we will break 2K if I'm lucky.  Since I only set the project goal at $500 we are very easily funded!

I was going through our shirt inventory on Saturday and will be doing a bit more prep work tonight as well.  The plan is to get the shirts out quickly before the end of May!  (famous last words, I know!)

So far I am really liking the new site and hosting back end!  Things that would have proven tricky and tedious on the old Wordpress/Woocommerce setup are much easier to pull off.  I'm exploring the option of offering DTG (Direct-to-Garment) designs as well.  This will allow full-color illustrations rather than one, two or three color "spot" images that screen printing requires.  I've ordered in a test print to check quality and I'll keep everyone posted!

Also, we want to get the word out about us and our shirts; please "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!



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