Last few days on the Kickstarter & Merchify

We're down to less than a week left and closing in on breaking $2K for the Kickstarter!

Also, I installed the Merchify app on our Shopify store which will let me have shirts made by them and shipped. I wanted to check the quality of the DTG (Direct to Garment) service they use vs. the screen printed heat transfers we use currently.  I ordered up a sample of the "All Editions" design I'm still tweaking to see how white and red ink would look on a black shirt.  (White ink on a black shirt is one of the most difficult color combinations, so that's the one I chose!)

I think the shirt turned out great!  I threw it in the wash last night so we'll see how it fares after several washings but I think this could really let us expand the shirts we offer since DTG will allow full-color printing of text and images.

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