Shazam! was such a fun ride!

By Mark Cathro
on April 05, 2019

Shazam! was such a fun ride!

Saw Shazam! last night with some friends, and I have to say that DC finally nailed it. Go see this movie.


It was also funny as all get-out!  So fun.  There were a few intense scenes where the bad guys is doing bad guy things; but even those had a lot of very funny elements to them.  It was hilarious.


I won't get all spoilery or anything; but I loves so much about this movie.  The world building with the introduction of who Shazam is and how he got his power was really well done.  I wanted to learn more; so much was hinted at that you just knew there was a much larger back-story going on.  (That I'm sure will drive back issue and graphic novel sales.)  


 I'm a big fan of taking these older stories and re-imagining them for today's audience.  Shazam pulled this off really well.  I'm an old school comic nerd, but I always made mine Marvel.  Sure, I knew who Shazam was but never really read any comics about him.  (The same can be said for Guardians off the Galaxy!) Watching this movie sparked interest in maybe picking up some graphic novels and exploring  some of his comic book history. 


And finally; in the third act during the big showdown with the movie villain; I honestly did not see the "twist" coming. It is rare for a movie to genuinely surprise me any more; and this one did.  (In a very good way!)  Looking back I can see the elements were there all along, but the story tellers did a masterful job of leading us on this adventure that only after the payoff did I see what they had truly set up and pulled off.


The sequel was nicely set up, so count me in!  Oh and in true Marvel fashion; there are two end credit scenes worth sticking around for.


Five Stars! Two Thumbs Up. Ooh, maybe I should be giving it an "ArmorClass" scale? I give this movie an AC of 10.  (Venom got an AC of like 3, with Disadvantage on all saves.) :-)

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Splitting the Party! PAX East and Adepticon

By Mark Cathro
on March 16, 2019

Splitting the Party! PAX East and Adepticon

We all know that splitting the party is a BAD idea, right?  Well, we're doing it anyway!

PAX East and Adepticon are on the same weekend this year; so three of us are heading to Chicago for Adepticon, while the rest of the crew is going to Boston for PAX East.

We've been doing PAX East for a few years now, but this will be our first time at Adepticon. As a long-time Warhammer 40K player I'm pretty excited to go.  I've been the The NoVA Open a few times, The Las Vegas Open twice but never to Adepticon. Should be a really fun time!

If you are at either Con, look us up!


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Our new shop!

By Mark Cathro
on August 18, 2018

Our new shop!

Way back when we started, a bit over six years ago, I was working out of a small studio space located within the Artisan's Asylum.  The Sylum is a huge MakerSpace in Boston that has everything for artists and tinkerer's; wood shop, metal shop, 3D printers, sewing machines, jewelry and electronics shop, bike shop, welding bays, CNC machines and, of course, a full screen printing shop which we took advantage of.

I moved away from Boston a few years back, and was running things out of my home and a storage unit for a while. We then moved in and sub-leased space from Release the Kreative. Growth happened and opportunity knocked and we recently moved from shared space into our very own shop! It's small, but it's all ours.

We're in the process of setting up our screen printing equipment and should be cranking out new shirts in no time!

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Hello World!

By Mark Cathro
on August 17, 2018
First post! I figure our Blog will be a good place to let people know what AC10 and the crew that run it are up to, info about upcoming conventions and maybe even a travelogue of our weekly game night!

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