The Pitch: You have a Game Store, and we have a line of high-quality shirts aimed squarely at your customers. We’d like to put our shirts in your store!

We want to work with you to offer a unique product that makes a great gift without the usual barriers to carrying clothing like ordering in bulk or being stuck with odd sizes that did not sell.

We make our shirts in-house and on demand, so we can offer different colors and styles from our large catalog to gaming-centric shirts as needed. 

     MSRP & Profit for shirts sold:
          $25 -Small to XL  ($14 cost - you make $11 per shirt sold)
          $27 -2XL              ($16 cost - you make $11 per shirt sold)
          $28 -3XL-5XL      ($17 cost - you make $11 per shirt sold)
          $30 -6XL              ($19 cost - you make $11 per shirt sold)

We get it; you're not in the clothing business; but we are!  We'll handle getting your customers the shirts they want from our ever-growing catalog of great designs. Putting shirts into a space about six square feet can drive special order sales and create a new revenue stream for your store.

We've found that having a good selection of best sellers on hand and in popular sizes allows for impulse purchasing in-store, while also facilitating an easy special order process as you point customer to our larger collection of shirts in the catalogs. Additionally, we release new shirts every month, giving store owners an opportunity to take pre-orders for new releases as well as special orders.

We've put together several starter packs of curated shirts to make it easy to get started carrying shirts in your store!  

How to Begin:

Step one is to create an account here:

Then email us at and once we confirm your account we'll give you access to our Retailer Only section of the website where you can order at wholesale.