Leaf on the Wind orders

We've had a HUGE number of Leaf on the Wind orders in the last ten days.  So many, in fact, that we blew through our ENTIRE stock early in the run.  I've already re-ordered the graphic transfers and they will be delivered Monday Feb. 15th.  I've got all the blank shirts already in stock and ready to go.  So, next week we plan to get all outstanding orders shipped.  We want to thank everyone for their orders and we also want you to know that your shirt will be shipped in just a few more days!


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Amazon coming soon!

I'm jumping through the hoops to get our stuff listed on Amazon.  Have to make sure my images meet the criteria they are looking for.  Here is the first one I did for them:  

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Lots going on!

Wow, there is a lot going on here at AC10 HQ.  First, lets talk about the actual AC10 HQ; we're moving!  Saying goodbye to Boston and heading South back to Virginia and the D.C. area in a couple of weeks.  I'm from that area originally so its like going back home and I'm looking forward to it. In other news PAX East was a *HUGE* success!  We definitely plan on doing it again next year. As for additional cons this season I just sent off the paperwork to do two Wizard World Comic-cons in Philadelphia and Richmond in the next...

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Production begins for the Kickstarter shirts!

I got a big order of transfers from my screen printer last night.  I was so excited it was like Christmas!  They look great and I prepped all the transfers and got them sorted so production is ready to begin.  I already have the shirts sorted by size so tonight the printing begins! Also, I think I am going to implement "New T-Shirt Tuesday" on the website.  Instead of adding a bunch of shirts at once, I will add one or two every Tuesday to keep the flow of new designs going.  From a business standpoint it will hopefully...

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Almost Halfway through Kickstarter #3

There are 17 days left on our 3rd Kickstarter project and we are rolling right along.  Our first Kickstarter ran exactly one year ago (give or take a few weeks).  I have noticed a few differences, as well as gathered some additional data based on the smaller project we ran between the two. With this project, I alerted all of our previous backers and set up an early-bird special for them.  I credit that with blowing through our initial funding goal in less than a day.  To be fair, I did set the funding goal a bit lower than I...

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Kickstarter #3 is going on NOW!

I know, I've been bad at updating the blog here.  First is was gearing up for GenCon which was a huge success, and then it was prepping for our next Kickstarter which has been going on for a few days now.  You can check it out here:

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